It didn't stop after work either. If anything the thoughts only became more prominent in Stephanie's mind until the only solution was to send her hand down past the forest that was her bush and right to her pussy to give it a good rub and fingering. It had been a while so every time her finger slipped inside, a loud moan was sure to follow. With her free hand she reached for her phone and texted Becky one word. 'When?'

Becky was quick to respond giving Stephanie all she needed to know. The location, a local park, was familiar to Stephanie having spent many a summer there, taking in the luscious scenery. She almost couldn't believe something so naughty could happen there once the sun goes down. Another message came from Becky, this time a video from a previous party featuring her taking a cock in two different ends, mouth and pussy whilst an audience cheered them on. It finished with both guys cumming on her face as she sported the biggest smile that Stephanie had ever seen as thick clumps of cum ran down her face. The video was captioned 'Incentive ;)'. Watching it, it didn't take long for Stephanie to squirt all over her knickers, leaking onto her bed sheets. As she laid back, the fruit of her masturbation still dripping into her knickers, Stephanie smiled. Friday couldn't come quick enough, she thought.

The road to Friday however seemed long and never-ending. Becky didn't help things either by being suggestive during their breaks together. Stephanie didn't know how much more she could wait as thoughts of cock and being fucked distracted her whilst she needed to get on with work. Somehow, much to her own surprise, she made it to Friday without resorting to masturbating at work. Stephanie was able to leave the office that Friday excited for the evening to come.

Not knowing what one wore to a dogging party, Stephanie settled on a black dress usually reserved when the office had a fancy dinner party. Leaving the house Stephanie couldn't help but feel she was forgetting something. Something important she had to do before going out. Stephanie brushed it off as nothing and got in her car to pick up Becky.

Becky was already waiting outside her house, dressed in what technically could be called clothes. It did the job of covering her private areas but just barely though. Her crop top just went over her nipples but still showed off plenty of under boob whilst her skirt was more like a glorified belt. Stephanie was beginning to feel very overdressed. Becky chuckled as she slinked towards the car in her thigh high heeled boots. "We aren't going to some fancy soirée," She joked stepping into the car, knowingly showing Stephanie her lack of underwear. "We're going to get fucked."

The drive to the meeting spot shouldn't have been a long one. After all it was just on the other side of town but as it dawned on Stephanie where she was driving to, all manner of questions filled her head. What if someone spotted her? Someone she knew? What if she was arrested? Anxiety built up inside her. She wanted to turn the car around and head home to watch porn to relieve the frustratiom. Eventually a voice of reason popped in her head. Becky said she doesn't have to join in if she didn't want to. So that's what Stephanie planned to do.
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