I turned on the dim bed light, lifted the covers from his lower regions and pulled down Andrew's shorts. His penis was resting on his pubic hairs, lying on its side like an earthworm on the grass. I started stroking it, hoping it would wake up before this delicious novel feeling of wanting to stick it inside myself went away. It started to stiffen a little, like a flag in a breeze.

I put it in my mouth. The first time I had ever done so; all my other trysts had been boringly conventional, Victorian even in approach. The taste was not bad; hot, salty and with only a faint trace of urine. I moved my mouth up and down the shaft, and was rewarded with a groan from Andrew, who started stirring. I shifted my body, clamping my wet thighs onto his legs while my mouth continued its rhythmical motion. Andrew struggled again but this time his lower body was held fast. I noticed small glistening droplets of pussy juice on his legs. My pubic hairs were saturated.

Plenty of lubrication, and now Andrew's cock was semi-rigid. I knew it would harden up inside me. I straddled over the top of him, my pubes tickling the end of his cock, then lowered myself on him. Normally I insisted on safe sex, but in my state of tingling anticipation, the thought of taking a break to place a piece of rubber between my skin and the cock I wanted so much appeared ludicrous.

As I drew myself down, Andrew became fully awake. He gave out a huge groan, snapped his eyes open, and grabbed my thighs; guiding me, pinning me, moving my body round, making sure I changed my angle as I gyrated up and down moaning all the while. He started to wriggle and squirm, and then, before I was ready, I felt the liquid squirt inside me - a new sensation, but very warming and pleasant.
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