YoWhatsApp - An Advanced Way To Send Messages And Share Pictures


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YowHatsapp is the best free android app for messaging. It integrates all the functionality and functions of a real messaging program into a simple and attractive app. This innovative new app from Google, available now for downloading on Google play, has been designed to be very much flexible and useful for all users of android devices. You can use it to manage your personal contacts, send and receive messages from your chosen contacts, send unlimited messages and even customize your existing messages. All this is wrapped up into a very user friendly interface, which can easily be customized according to the user's preferences.

YoWhatsApp also comes with advanced message recall feature where users are able to delete unwanted sent messages from their receivers without having to delete the chats themselves. Once the final verdict on one person is out, the whole chat history of that particular contact is remembered and can be reviewed again. You can also import your data from any other messaging app like whatsapp, facebook etc. and use all the new functions and features of YoWhatsApp.

Apart from those mentioned features, the updated version of YoWhatsApp has a few other modified versions as well. The text size of the message is now optimized so that it looks very sharp and crisp. The new version also supports multiple themes and colors for the chats. Apart from that, it has been customized according to the user's liking and needs, so that now all the android users can use the app to send messages and share pictures easily. Based on the performance and feedback given by the users, the developers of this great mobile messaging app have made some updates to the layout and the functionality of the whole application, so that now it caters to the exact requirements of the users.