I could not believe that I had worked a hundred and sixty hours in the past two weeks and then they finally decided to give me a day off. I had worked here for the past twenty years and since I was one of the most dedicated employees that worked here, they sometimes give me the most difficult clients here at the nursing home since they knew that I didn't take shit off of anyone. I mean the clients loved me for the most part but they still knew that they better respect me at the end of the day.

Even in my neighborhood everyone knew me. Everyone knew me by the name of Miss Roberta because of the fact that I might be only forty-five years young, I still had a nice body for someone my size. I stood right at 5'10 and weighed around four hundred and twenty pounds. I was an hourglass with a little bit of sand on the top and bottom. The last time I measured myself I was around a 44G in the bra about a 38 in the waist and an easy 66 in the hips because I had a fat ass and some thick thunder thighs that made lightning every time I decided to go for a walk. I had a nice brown skinned complexion with a million-dollar smile and my hair was always kept up to date just like my wardrobe. I cleared around eighty grand a year without including overtime and my husband of the past twenty years was a sweetheart that was the father of my two children was a lawyer, but something was missing from my life. To be blunt I needed some dick.

When I got home my husband was usually too tired to give me any so I either had to use my finger or reach into my nightstand to get some pleasure before I went to sleep which really got on my nerves. I had gotten into the habit of watching porn at one time but at the same time that was getting old. I needed to have the sweat, touch and the rough pounding of a man that no toy could give me. I just needed the real thing.

I had just gotten back from getting my car serviced and I backed into the driveway and looked at my next door neighbor's house to see that it was a different car in the driveway that I had never seen before.

My nosy ass couldn't go without seeing who it might be. It might be someone lost or they might have some family that came out of town and I just wanted to make sure everything was okay. I locked my Suburban behind me and walked across their freshly cut grass and up the walkway and onto the porch and rang the doorbell followed with a couple of knocks. The cool summer breeze blew through my sundress and I could feel the cool air touch my nipples which I would rather be a man's soft lips and warm tongue wrapped around my hard areolas that needed some attention.

I looked through the house and saw the living room and front rooms were clean and empty. I checked the whole bottom floor and saw that it was spotless before I headed upstairs. I looked around the guest room before I made my way to the master bedroom to see it was empty as well until I found the son's bedroom and listened to the sound of hard thrusting and a girl with a shrill voice screaming like he might be pounding the shit out of someone but I had to see it for myself.

I slowly eased the door opened and saw my neighbor's son beating his meat that looked like it was around nine inches long and thick! His head looked like it was wearing a football helmet it was so big! He was going at it like he was trying to rip it off he was pumping it so hard! My pussy got wet watching the youngin stroke himself with his mouth gaped wide open with his eyes shut while the young white guy pounding the shit out of the thick black girl.

I hadn't seen him in years and he had grown so much! Even though he was laying on the bed with his legs wide open, I would guess he was about 5'6 and weighed maybe a hundred and thirty pounds. He had his long curly hair in a man bun and the brown skinned black guy didn't have his glasses on and without a drop of facial hair looking like he was still in high school. I guess he didn't have any toys growing up with the size of that thing in his pants. He had me wondering if me might still be a virgin because he looked like he had never had any pussy before.

I remember his mom saying he was going to college in another state but I forgot he was an adult now which meant he was legal! MMMMMM
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7 May 1991 (Edad: 30)
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