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Euribor over 3.1 percent.


Euribor continues with the initiated bullish scaling in the middle of the 2005 and in the today session it surpassed the 3.1 percent.

It did not happen almost three years ago and means, from November of 2002.El index more used to calculate the mortgages in Spain reached in the today session the 3.134 percent.

A percentage point more than in the middle of year 2005, when this indicator moved around the 2.1 percent. Taking as reference the monthly payment from a mortgage of 120,000 euros to twenty years, the ascent anticipated by the Euribor in 2006 could increase in price this one in about 55 euros, when happening of 625 to 680 euros to the month.

Year to the rise The Euribor to a year broke the barrier of the 3.00 percent to first of March. The experts consider that the types of interest that fixes the BCE for the Eurozona will follow the rise and, therefore, the Euribor will continue with its ascending line, until finishing 2006 between the 3.5 and 4.0 percent.

The Euribor to a year is the average interest to that money is lent the European banks to 12 Vista months, calculates daily and the average of every month is used like official reference to fix the hypothecating conditions to most of the loans to variable type in Spain. If the prognoses of the experts are fulfilled and the Euribor is located around the 3.5 percent to end of year, the monthly payment of the mortgages will raise an average of the 8 percent in 2006.